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Here are some Great Sites for Biology. They should help any homeschool student. Beside each logo is a short description of the site........but you must visit them all! Enjoy

SEAWORLD BUSH GARDEN'S LOGO This is Seaworld and Bush Garden’s animal resource page. Information and pictures on everyting from animal rescue and endangered species to African wildlife.
NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION LOGO National Wildlife Federation For Kids. This is a great place to test your wildlife knowledge.
DAN'S WILD WEATHER LOGO Dan’s Wild Wild Weather Page! This is a great place to learn about clouds, climates, humdity, hurricanes and much more..
YAHOOLIGANS SCIENCE LOGO Yahoo’s Science Oddities Page. Learn about cells, fungi, amino acids and much more!
MAD SCIENCE LOGO Mad Scientist Network! Ask questions and read answers about science. Mad Scientist Network is about having fun with science.
UT KID SCIENCE LOGO UT Science. University of Tennessee provides this information packed site about biology and science.
THE CUB DEN LOGO The Cub Den. If you are interested in bears here is the place to find out tons of stuff about them!
ENDANGERED SPECIES LOGO Endangered Species. Find out about endangered species of all types of animal in the US and around the world.
FROGLAND LOGO Frogland! Here is a great page about frogs and it is written by a girl.
LFROG PAGE LOGO The Frog Page. Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. Come on by and visit!
ENCARTA LOGO Life In The Ocean. Learn about fish, whales, sharks and much more.

Animal Sounds

Websites with animal Sounds! If your computer has speakers check out all the Websites on this page and have a Roaring good time!
TERRA LOGO Terra. Learn about different animals by visiting the Terra Spheres, or take a cool tour with guide by visiting Terra Tours.....really cool!
DINOZOOM LOGO Zoom Dinosaurs. This dinosaur site for young children contains bright illustrations, but if you click on th links within the text, you will find in-depth information on may topics including encyclopedia-type word definitions, a geologic time scale, dino anatomy and myths.