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Here are some Great Sites for Science. They should help any homeschool student. Beside each logo is a short description of the site........but you must visit them all! Enjoy

Science related expeditions, includes stories and pictures.
Scientific information geared especially for kids!
Online science magazine for kids with stories, pictures and experiments.
This site has experiments, diagrams and explainations of many scientific tools, history and information so you can build some of your own tools.
NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES This site covers The National Academy of Science, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine and National Research Council. Lots of information and coverage of their ongoing projects.
NASA's main page. You will find everything from solar powered aircraft to the schedules for the next space shuttle launch.
Explore the reaches of space and TALK with an ASTRONAUT! See who they are featuring this month.
A popular magazine that covers explorations, exhibits and articles about science.
An online community of educators, students, schools, science museums and other institutions demonstrating a new model for inquiry science education
These pages are filled with Science information and experiments