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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—  
I took the one less traveled by,  
And that has made all the difference.
~ Robert Frost

Getting Started in Florida

To homeschool in Florida, you must either register with the county or with an "umbrella" school. Click to learn more about the Florida State Statutes. There are positives and negatives for either option.


Registering With the County - Pros

  • Participate in school sports or extra-curricular activities
  • Eligible to compete for Bright Futures Scholarships
  • Higher priority given for FLVS
  • No charge

Registering With an Umbrella School - Pros

  • You do not have to report anything more than attendance to the private school
  • You can maintain your privacy

Registering With the County - Cons

  • You must report your student's progress annually to the school district.


Registering With an Umbrella School - Cons

  •  Your child cannot participate in school sports or extra-curricular activities
  • Requirements to compete for Bright Futures Scholarships is more demanding
  • Lower priority given for FLVS

Alternative Choices in Education Academy

A non-profit, private school designed for home educated students grades K-12.

  • Field trips are offered to members in the Central Florida area
  • Affiliated with FLVS
  • One-time family registration and annual per students fee
  • Requires school physical and immunization records
  • Monthly attendance

Registering With Bay County

If you choose to register with Bay County, you must register within thirty days of pulling your child out of public or private school or within thirty days of his or her required start date in school according to the compulsory age of six.

Sample "Letter of Intent"

After receiving your "Letter of Intent," the county will send you a confirmation letter that you should keep in a safe place for later reference. This letter serves as proof that your child is meeting the compulsory education laws.

You must maintain a "portfolio" of your child’s work and a list of educational materials used. A portfolio can be as simple as a couple pages of work from each of the student’s subjects. The list of materials should include all books that the child reads in addition to any texts, educational videos, or audio programs used.

Sample Materials Form

On the one year anniversary of registering with Bay County, your annual educational evaluation is due. You may choose to provide the county with one of the following:

1. A letter stating that a licensed and certified, Florida teacher has reviewed the portfolio and had a discussion with the student, and that the child has made progress commensurate with his ability. This letter must be signed by the teacher and show his or her valid license number.

2. Results of a nationally normed achievement test administered by a certified teacher.

3. The FCAT administered by school district personnel.

4. Evaluation by a psychologist or school psychologist.

The most popular option is number one. There are several homeschool-friendly, certified teachers available for this service.

Testing and Evaluation 


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