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Gymnastics Classes

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Gymnastics Plus Homeschoolers' Classes

Gymnastics Plus Home School classes for ages 5 and up at reduced rates. Gymnastics Plus is located at 3101 Hwy 77. Their phone number is 769-1155.

Planning A Homeschool Co-op

To see if you even need a co-op, ask yourself, "Is there any subject that I'm letting 'fall by the wayside?' Is there something that always gets crowded out of our lessons by a busy schedule?" If there is, then you should consider joining a homeschool co-op with other interested, local homeschoolers.

If there is no co-op class on the subject you need, then you can easily form one. Here are some suggestions to help in your planning:

  1. "Talk it up" when you're at a gathering with other homeschool parents. See if there is someone who is qualified and willing to teach what you're looking for. Then get together to do your planning.
  2. If you can't find a qualified teacher, start researching various curricula on the subject, looking for what seems to be the most user-friendly for you. Ordering directly from the people who produced the curriculum, and not a discount supplier, will ensure you the support you'll need with unfamiliar subject matter. It will be worth the few extra dollars when you really need the help.
  3. Write out the 5 W's and H: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How. You've already got the What--your subject.
Who: ages you can accommodate with the curriculum, that will closely match the ages of your children.
When: the best day and time for your family.
Where: in your home or church or another location convenient for you.
Why: write down clear goals and objectives, so everyone you're working with will be "on the same page", and you will not get sidetracked from what you originally set out to do.
How: any cost of facilities; any refreshments (which will put more work on you); source and cost of curriculum and materials for each student; length, frequency and duration of classes; any set-up requirements (tables, make-shift easels, TV and VCR...), rules of behavior for children, consequences of not following rules, what is expected of each participating parent regarding teaching and/or lesson preparation, etc.

Put it all down in writing and present it to other interested homeschoolers at local gatherings. Before you know it, you'll be successfully filling in the "missing pieces" to your homeschool program.

[You can also order The Complete Guide to Successful Co-oping; P.O. Box 3192; Boynton Beach, FL 33424-3192.]

Attention Teens

by Lauren Branch

medicinBay Medical is a very friendly hospital. I work a four-hour shift in the G.I. Lab every Monday. Volunteers get free lunch or breakfast. Your responsibilities depend on where you work. I answer the phone, make charts, run errands, make up stretchers, and other jobs. All of the nurses and doctors are very appreciative of your work.

If you're over the age of 18, you can be a volunteer, but if you are between the ages of 13-18, you can be a volunteer. If you are interested, call the volunteer coordinators.




All options are Christian unless otherwise noted. This is not an exhaustive list.


A Beka Correspondence School
Video Home School

Box 18000
Pensacola, FL 32523-9160

Cambridge Academy (secular)

1111 SW 17th Street
Ocala FL 34474

Central Christian Academy

P.O. Box 180899
Casselberry, FL 32718-0899


Bob Jones University Press

Customer Services
Greenville, SC 29614

Christian Liberty Academy Satellite Schools

502 West Euclid Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Keystone National High School (secular)

School House Station
420 West 5th Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
FAX: 717-784-2129

North Dakota Division of Independent Study(secular)

Box 5036, State University Station
Fargo, ND 58105-5036
FAX: 701-231-6052


Gulf Coast Community College or Haney Technical Center

Students age 16-18 may apply for Dual Enrollment by taking a placement test.
Earn free high school credits and college credits simultaneously. You just have to pay for books.

The Florida Virtual School

Earn high school credits online! Correspond with teachers; free books.

The College Board

Great preparation tips for college, testing information, etc. Seventh or eighth grade isnít too early to start planning for college!

For more high school information, click on Page 2 below.


Bay District Media Center

The Bay District Media Center is a fully functioning Media Resource center for Bay County school teachers. It is also available for use by all taxpaying citizens who home school their own children.

This center is located at 840 W. 17th Street, Robert L. Young Service Center.

Their summer hours, until the school year starts, are 8:00-5:00 Monday through Thursday. After school begins, their hours are 7:30-3:30 Monday through Friday. The Media Center has the following available services:

  1. Used curriculum room - free books, no longer used by the public schools
  2. Educational videos
  3. Cut-out dies of various shapes
  4. Computer program previews and support
  5. A special History of Bay County CD-ROM program

The latter is available for free if you purchase a blank CD-ROM disc and ask the media center to make a copy for you. On this disc is also a great program called Book-Maker, which allows you to make computer books of your own, similar to the Bay County CD-ROM, complete with video clips, audio clips, and graphics. Blank CD-ROM discs may be purchased at an office supply store. The phone number for the media center is 872-4756. If you have questions, give them a call.

Local Christian Schools Include Homeschoolers

Covenant Presbyterian Christian School, at 2350 Frankford Ave., welcomes homeschoolers in their extracurricular activities, such as basketball and other sports, band, P.E., etc.; 769-7448.

Homeschool students are welcome to enroll in any classes/programs offered at Panama City Christian School; 1104 Balboa Ave.; 769-6000.

Beacon Learning Center

Richard Albritton, local attorney and homeschool Dad, serves on the committee overseeing a program called Bay Education Alternative Curriculum On-Line Network (BEACON). Mr. Albritton believes that BEACON can be of great assistance to homeschoolers. The BEACON web site provides free online interactive lessons and activities focused on the Sunshine State Standards. BEACON has an ever-growing Web School, so bookmark this site and visit it often!

Junior Museum Of Bay County

1731 Jenks Avenue; Panama City, FL 32405; 769-6128

The Junior Museum is a great place to take the kids and turn them loose! They have a toddlers play room, pretend dress-up area, human body and science hands-on displays, a nature boardwalk through the woods, picnic tables, pioneer homestead cabins, train exhibit, workshops, seminars, camps, and various displays that come in from out of town throughout the year. What a great place for a birthday party! Call to check on their very reasonable party fees!

There's a box for free-will donations at the door. This children's museum can only make additions and improvements as much as the community will support it. Family memberships are available for $35.00. You'll receive Junior Museum stationery, discounts on all programs and summer camps, and their newsletter that will keep you informed on all their workshops, presentations and classes, etc.

Stop by and show them your support! Your kids will be so glad you did!


The Gulf Coast Community College educational TV channel has some excellent programming for students of all ages. You can find their programs listed in The News Herald's Entertainer, outside the grid section, as channel "BD-ITV".

The Visual Arts Center

19 E. 4th Street; 769-4451

Bring the kids in for a delightful adventure in the Impressions Gallery. There is plenty to do and the rule is "Please touch, feel, and do." Let your kids unleash their creativity with the architectural building blocks or the light table. Put on a headset and hear about famous painters. There's plenty to do--sculpture, puzzles, crayons, books and computers! The hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9am-4pm and Thursday evenings till 8pm.

Keep an eye on The News Herald's Entertainer for all their children's workshops. You can even speak with their staff about setting up a work-shop or art class for homeschoolers.

4-H Clubs

How about joining a 4-H group or forming a homeschoolers' group for science and/or social studies? Study animals and a lot more--citizenship, the environment, food and nutrition, mechanical and eletronic science, petroleum power and small engines, driving skills, public speaking, photography, vegetable gardening, wetlands and marine science, shooting sports, health careers, and more. Whew! And you thought it was just goats and pigs?! You can even win a scholarship for their great summer camps, such as the 4-H Marineland summer camp in the Keys!

For more information, contact Bill Crews, the Bay County 4-H Director at 784-6105. Mr. Crews has a contagious enthusiasm to help you get started!

Camp Victory Homeschool Camps

Camp Purpose: To provide Christian fellowship and interaction for home school students and their parents. To provide a setting and program that will complement any curriculum dealing with informa-tion of and appreciation for God's creation.

Themes: vary from month to month.

When: Offered twice monthly; 9:15am-4:00pm. Camps each month are identical, so just sign up for one.

Cost: pay at Camp (Call the camp at (334) 898-7948 for pricing information)

Pre-register: Call the camp to reserve a spot for your family. Please be courteous and call to cancel if you can't make it.

Location: North of DeFuniak Springs, just across Alabama border. Call (334) 898-7948 or write Rt. 3, Box 212; Samaon, AL 36477 to request information and a map. Ask to be put on their mailing list.

Bring: sack lunch (kool-aid is provided), shoes suitable for hiking; casual clothes; and spending money for afternoon snack (optional).

Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve

Materials from the A-V library may be checked out for a two week period. It is then the responsibility of the borrower to return the materials by mail or in person to the ANERR. Individuals interested in requesting materials should call (850) 653-8063 to request an Education Reference Library List, or write to:

Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve
261 Seventh St.
Apalachicola, FL 32320

Available for check-out: Videos, cassettes, labs, books, computer materials.

Mini Day Trips - 150 Day Trips - Panhandle Florida

by Joan Lundquist Scalpone

Over 80 free attractions; 24 categories of places to go and things to do in the Panhandle. Great field trips/family outings! Available in bookstores.

Westville - Step back in time to 1850!

A functioning, living history village of relocated, authentically restored, original buildings and landscape. Ride a horse and buggy, watch a blacksmith at work, visit the school and court house. Taste some gingerbread or sausage biscuits cooked over a hearth; try your hand at candle-dipping; make soap or syrup (seasonal crafts). This is a living, educational museum offering an experience you won't forget! Open daily 10am-5pm and Sunday 1-5pm. Nominal admission fee, family memberships available. (912) 838-6310. Located in Lumpkin, GA, just east of Eufala, AL.

Providence Canyon State Park - a mini Grand Canyon, just a few hours away!

While you're in Lumpkin, take a hike to the bottom of this canyon (thereís a little water down there, so wear waterproof hiking shoes), and then behold the breathtaking views around the upper rim; call (912) 838-6202 for details. If you like camping, you can stay overnight at the nearby Lakepoint Resort State Park in Eufala, AL; (800) 544-5253.

Pensacola Home Education Conference - Annual conference and curriculum sale



Our Florida state lobbyist.




Low-cost quality legal defense; bi-monthly Home School Court Report; $100 annual membership fee. HSLDA; P.O. Box 159; Paeonian Springs, VA 22129; (703) 338-5600.

The Bay County School Board has been generally homeschooler-friendly the past several years, so not everyone desires to join HSLDA. But this is a worthy cause to support, and we never know if/when we'll need it! (FPEA members receive a group discount membership fee.)


Home Training Tools (Science)

This company offers affordable science equipment and materials for home schools. If you use A Beka, Alpha Omega, Apologia, Bob Jones, Castle Heights or Christian Light science curricula, you can even request a special order form which lists all the items you'll need for your program and grade level. Call 1-800-860-6272 for a catalog.

Mickler's Floridiana, Inc.

Once available to wholesale booksellers only, this company is now available for homeschoolers. Wonderful books and materials about Florida history, science, animals, law, art, etc. To request a catalog, write to them at: P.O. Box 621450; Oviedo, FL 32762-1450.

Kennedy Space Center

FREE Teacher Kits. KSC provides a variety of printed and audio/visual materials to educators, to update and supplement textbooks and other curriculum sources. The videos are free, you just have to pay for return postage. The teacher kits have about 25 items, and supplementary subkits that more specifically address a teacherís subject interests. These subkits are on: Aeronautics; The Apollo Program; Astronomy; The Solar System; Microgravity Sciences (both life and physics); The Environment; The Space Station; a special set of activity booklets for elementary teachers, and others. The general kit which includes a description of the subkits, may be ordered from Educators Resource Center; Mail Code ERC; Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899 or by calling (407) 867-4090.

Space Camp Astro Pack Tour:

The Astronaut Hall of Fame at Kennedy Space Center has designed a new field trip that they think will be perfect for homeschoolers. They have decided to make Mondayís available to any size homeschool group, precluding the usual ten student minimum. During this program, students will get the opportunity to learn about space history from the beginnings of the space program up to the current day shuttle program. From realistic training simulators to hands-on exhibits, your students can: land the shuttle, walk on the moon, launch a rocket or explore space on their own. They will get the insiders' view of the space program while watching actual footage shot by the astronauts during an Imax film.
Cost: $15.00 (with lunch); $11.00 (without lunch)
9am - 2pm (or longer if you choose)
For more information call 1-800-897-5798.

Special Needs Students

NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network (NATHHAN) is a non-profit, Christian organization for families of special needs students (learning disabilities, blind, deaf, epilepsy, c.p., down syndrome, etc.). For a $25 annual donation, membership benefits include a quarterly magazine, family directory, and access to their lending library. For more information, write them at 5383 Alpine Rd. SE; Olalla, WA 98359, or call (253) 857-4257.

Link International -Social Studies from a Christian Perspective

A quarterly newsletter is available from Link International, which is part of Voice of the Martyrs. This provides you the perfect opportunity to learn and teach about other countries where people are still persecuted for their Christian beliefs.

You may call and order a Resource Pack for $7.00, which includes a powerful video, "Faith Uner Fire," the book, Tortured for Christ, a world prayer map, a list of publications available for purchase and a copy of Link Homeschooler. The Link Homeschooler is a free quarterly newsletter. It includes a unit study on one or two persecuted countries. There are recipes, clothing styles, math studies and science. There is even a Bible memory verse. This is very well done.

For your free Link Homeschooler, call (800) 747-0085, or write to Link International, P0 Box 433, Bartlesville, OK 74005-9935

The New American Education Issue

What Went wrong?

The New American "Education" issue (August 8, 1994) - Order additional copies of this special issue for your friends and other opinion molders! 1 for $2.50; 10 for $12.50; 25 for $22.50. (800) 727-TRUE

The Electronic Text Center

The full text of thousands of classics can be found here. If you canít get into curling up with your monitor to read a good book, you might try pasting to your word processor in an easier-to-read 2-column format.

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