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Last Updated: July 1999

Upcoming Events...

The Homeschooler's Friend Annual Used Curriculum Sale/Orientation Night

August 10, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Living Word Fellowship in the fellowship hall. Living Word Fellowship is located at 1815 Wilson Avenue across from the Home Accents. This is open to all homeschoolers and those interested in homeschooling.

Used Curriculum Sale Guidelines:

Tables will be set up according to grade levels. Each person will be responsible for their own items that they are selling (placing them where they belong, collecting the money, and picking up anything left at the end of the sale.)

Items left at 9:30 p.m. will be considered donated to the library or will be thrown out. To eliminate confusion, please bring an index card with all your items for sale listed on it. Check the items off as people pay you for them. At the end of the evening, you will know what items you need to retrieve. If anything is unaccounted for, then we can announce your name so the buyer can find you. We will also be wearing name tags so it will be easy for people to find you during the sale.

EACH ITEM FOR SALE SHOULD HAVE A CARD OR LABEL ON IT WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND PRICE. (No initials please.) Plan ahead so your items will be ready for the sale. If you are unable to attend but still wish to sell something by sending it will someone else, please include this information on your card or label so we will know who to pay. Limit your items to homeschool materials only. PLEASE DO NOT BRING FREE ITEMS because space is limited and they make more work for the clean-up volunteers. You can give these away at a Mom's Night Out or Park Day.

Soccer Registration

Bay County Youth Soccer Association:
Panama City Mall: July 21, 5:30-8:pm; July 25, 9:am-3:pm.
Panama City Beach:
Panama City Mall: July 21, 5:30-8:pm; July 25, 9:am-3:pm
Frank Brown Park: July 28, 5:30-8:30pm; July 30, 5:30-8:30pm; August 1, 9:am-3pm.

Summer Park Days

Summer Park Days will continue through August but due to the heat, we will be having them at Under The Oaks Park because it is very shaded by the trees. It will be the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 9-11am.

August 24th - 2nd Annual Home School Day at Turner Field (Braves Day)

Harvest Home Educators Annual Home School Day with the Braves in Monday, August 24th 1998. Come watch the Atlanta Braves play the LA Dodgers! In addition to having the honor of home schoolers pitching the first ball of the game and singing the National Anthem, we will also march in a Home School Parade around the field before the game begins! (Include your children's names with your order for them to be included in a drawing to determine who will throw the first ball.) Batting practice begins at 11:am and some players ae usually available to autograph balls, hats, etc. Game starts at 1:10pm. Cost is $6 per person. TICKETS ARE LIMITED AND WILL BE ISSUED ON A FIRST-COME BASIS. A legal-sized, self addressed, stamped envelope must be included with your order. Please make the checks payable to Harvest Home Educators and mail it to P.O.Box 1756, Buford, GA 30515. Call 770-455-0449 if you have any questions.

The Bay County Library Catalog

Library Books

Now anyone can do research on the Internet. The Bay County Library has some new computers setup exclusively for Internet use. Also, if you’re online at home, you can easily browse through the Library Catalog in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Here’s the site:

Kristi Krutchek Wins Essay Contest

Kristi Krutchek won the Christopher Columbus Essay Contest for the 9th grade. The annual contest is sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution. She was honored at a tea hosted by ladies active in the local club. This is the second year in a row that Kristi has won this contest. Congratulations!


J. Ransom

Legal scales

The Florida Department of Education recently contacted Brenda Dickinson, our homeschool lobbyist, with an alarming statistic: 200 out of 400 Bay County homeschooling families are listed as deliquent in submitting their yearly evaluations!

Both Brenda and our local school board realize that most of these families have either moved out of Bay County, or have put their children back into school without submitting a notice of termination. So now Larry Sansbury, our school board home education overseer, must try to contact each delinquent homeschool family, to find out what their situation is, and why they haven't submitted a notice of termination--an arduous task, to say the least.

I suppose that in the hustle-bustle of moving, or in the quandary of placing a child back into school, the obligation to submit a notice of termination can easily be overlooked. Nonetheless, it is regretfully a poor reflection on all Bay County home educators.

Larry Sansbury has expressed a desire to work with Bay County home educators, as an ally, to help them comply with the Florida Home Education Act. Contrary to what some families may believe, he and his office are not the enemy of Bay County homeschoolers. They simply have a job to do, and that is to oversee home education in Bay County, and to be sure that families comply with the law. it is possible for us to establish and maintain friendly relations with the local school board. All that's required is a little courtesy and knowledgeable responsibility to fulfill our legal obligations.

If you know anyone who has either completed or ended their home education program, or has moved out of Bay County, please contact them and ask if they have submitted a notice of termination to the Bay County school board. If they haven't, remind them to take care of it as soon as possible!

Your help will be an immeasurable credit to restoring the estimate of Bay County home educators in the eyes of the state!

To serve as a reminder, one of our six responsibilities to be in compliance with the law is to: Submit a letter of termination upon completion of your home education program or if you move from the county.

This notice of termination must be submitted within 30 days of the time you terminate*, and must include each of the following:
  1. name of each child (6-16 years of age),
  2. birthdate of each child named,
  3. address, and
  4. a parent's signature.

*In light of the present situation, if more than 30 days have passed, a notice would still be appreciated by and would assist the school board. They're not out to "get" anyone. They simply want to clean up their records.

Mail notices to:

Bay District Schools
P.O. Drawer 820
Panama City, FL 32402-0820
Attn: Office of Mr. Larry Sansbury

Interactive Frog Dissection

Frog gets the fly?

Interested in the internal workings of a frog? Visit the Interactive frog Dissection The program was designed for use in high school biology classrooms.

Is God Calling You to Share the Love of Christ in Your Community?

They also will answer, "Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?" He will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me." (Matthew 25:44-45, NIV)

Here's what your family can do:

Correspond with prisoners via Mail Call.

The Gospel is spread and people's lives are changed by the ministry of people reaching out to people on a one-on-one basis. Nowhere is this more true than in prison.

Prison Fellowship(R) depends on volunteers in communities across America to evangelize and disciple prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families, crime victims -- the entire community, in fact.

If you feel called to obey the Lord's command to help those in prison, there is a wide variety of opportunities -- both for you and for your church.

For more information on these opportunities, simply fill out the Prison Fellowship (R) form and mail to:

Prison Fellowship
P.O. Box 17500
Washington, DC 20041-0500

Phone: (703) 478-0100

They'll contact you soon

PFM's Statement of Faith:

We believe in one God, Creator and Lord of the Universe, the co-eternal Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ, God's Son, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, died a substitutionary atoning death on the cross, rose bodily from the dead and ascended to heaven where, as truly god and truly man, He is the only mediator between God and man.

We believe in one holy, universal, and apostolic church. Its calling is to worship and witness concerning its Head, Jesus Christ, preaching the Gospel among all nations and demonstrating its commitment by comassionate service to the needs of human beings and promoting righteousness and justice.

We believe in the necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit for the individual's new birth and growth to maturity, and for the Church's constant renewal in truth, wisdom, faith, holiness, love, power, and mission.

We believe that Jesus Christ will personally and visibly return in glory to raise the dead and bring salvation and judgment to completion. God will fully manifest His kingdom when He establishes a new heaven and new earth, in which He will be glorified forever and exclude all evil, suffering, and death.